Why Monogamy Can Be Good For Your Health?

Studies suggest that people with marital health or long-term committed relationships may be better off than single people.

We are part of death … right? For some people, perhaps, but staying with a partner for life is a rare phenomenon. Around the world, about 95 percent of mammal species and 85 percent of polygamous human cultures. But for the rest of the countries that link us with a partner, the benefits can be more rewarding than any type of family mobility.

My heart will continue (and in …) why it matters.

Unmarried marriage is defined as having a partner (also known as a sexual partner) within a certain period of time; Sometimes it refers to marriage. On the other hand, polygamy means having more than one partner at the same time. In the United States, the number of single-parent couples has increased significantly since the 1970s. Surprisingly, marriage rates in the United States have declined in recent decades (2.1 million married Americans in 2009, the same figure in 1970, although the national population increased by about 100 million in years). Forty years). But in 2008, Americans were 10% more likely to say that lipstick on necklaces was wrong than in the 1970s. One study estimated that approximately three-quarters of married couples remain loyal to their husbands.

There are many possible theories to explain the increasing rate of monogamy in the United States. Possible causes range from economic factors to differences in childhood settings among colleagues, and some suggest that natural selection leads to more stringent family units. Some scientists have considered the potential health benefits of joining a colleague. Research that compares the health status of individual and multiple couples is very scarce, but studies suggest that pairing has benefits for our health and happiness that individual flight is not.

It turns out that there is little reason to lose a man (or girl) within 10 days. In many cases, people who live in longer relationships live with their wives and gentlemen. The intimacy between the two also correlates with the low rates of depression, high immunity and improved heart health. Married people may be less likely to develop unmarried cancer. Relationships are not just a honeymoon feeling. In one study, participants examined photos of their loved ones and the results showed that lovers in long-term associations showed hormone levels similar to fungi similar to those in new relationships. In fact, people in long-term relationships produced associated hormones (such as oxytocin) that people did not have in short-term relationships. (Of course, it is not clear if the participants in any of these studies who said they are in a monogamous relationship were really loyal to their partners). However, a monogamous marriage may not be for everyone, for each of them?

I Do (or Don’t) — Your Action Plan

It is not clear that everyone benefits from a monogamous relationship. Some people suggested contemporary alternatives to monogamous marriage (such as “insignificant when I’m on vacation”), suggesting that the relationship can be successful even if it is not exclusive. Some couples leave on their own terms of engagement and agree to mingle with other people on the side.

Some of us are more likely to seek a single marital relationship than others. Interestingly, scientists have discovered a male gene associated with the marital bond, not all of those who have it. Whether it’s a good excuse to be unfaithful, it’s another complete story. (You can not blame the genes of everything.)

A mono-marital association does not automatically benefit our health. Especially for women, unsatisfactory exclusive relationships are associated with serious negative health effects. Bad relationships can contribute to the development of depression, high blood pressure and obesity, some things about marriage.

For those who have a long-term love, here are some ways to develop this relationship and bond with your child:

  • Get the adrenaline arm. Skydiving? Riding the roller coaster? Try new and exciting activities to promote adrenaline, which can increase feelings of happiness.
  • I do the act. A satisfactory relationship is not just communication and commitment. Good sex also helps, so keep up.
  • Embracing You do not have to be all sex, all the time. (Well … your call.) A simple touch can strengthen that bond, so be comfortable on the couch and feel that the beginning of love is flowing.
  • I know a couple of powers. Do you need another reason to practice? Along with the release of comfortable endorphins of sensation, joint exercise can bring couples closer together and increase confidence. For a sexier time, try naked yoga.
  • Give a kiss The lips are not the only thing that you will approach. Kisses activate the hormone oxytocin, and couples get emotionally together as well. So go ahead and wrinkle!
  • Use social networks? If the ideas are old, look for new ideas on the web to help launch some innovation. (People are not just friends on this platform.)

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