Male Extra Reviews 2019: Do not Buy Before Reading This!

Male Extra is a product that promises to strengthen erection.  They say it can make your penis bigger, stiffer and more enduring.

They also claim that this pill prevents premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and can even naturally treat male impotence.

The product is composed of a mixture of natural plants and other chemicals to improve sexual performance.

Is it effective as promised?  Here is my opinion on Male Extra and all you need to know before you buy it.

Ingredients and their side effects

L-Arginine: One of the most common ingredients in dietary supplements for sexual performance.

The main benefit of L-Arginine is the increase of blood circulation in the body, which has an effect on their ability to maintain their ability to maintain their size and rigidity.

Optimal erectile function requires significant blood flow to the penis. L-Arginine dilates the veins so much more freely.

L-Arginine also helps release human growth hormone, a precursor for testosterone production. Testosterone is the main hormone responsible for the libido and male sexual functions.

Testosterone also helps to improve the quality and quantity of sperm, and increases sports performance and physical stamina. In total, L-arginine is considered one of the most effective ingredients for a male enhancement product.

Pomegranate ellagic acid: Pomegranate fruit has been used in the past, but the study of its exact effects, especially those related to improving sexual performance in bed, is still very recent.

Some studies suggest that the patient has a positive impact on erectile dysfunction, but other studies claim to have conclusive evidence that this is not the case.

Even if these statements are correct, their effect is only marginal. Pomegranate is thought to be healthy

MSM: Abbreviation for methylsulfonylmethane, a sulfur molecule known as an anti-inflammatory aid. It is not commonly found in erectile products.

MSM appears most commonly in joint health products, where it has the reputation of reducing the pain of swollen or irritated muscles and connective tissue. It is also an antioxidant that can have beneficial effects on the fight against free radicals that damage cells and lead to aging.

There is no scientific proof that it helps erectile function, the libido of man.

This ingredient has very few possible side effects and is well tolerated. However, in my opinion, this is not a useful ingredient in a male product.

Cordyceps: a mushroom that grows on a type of Chinese caterpillar, hence its nickname “caterpillar mushroom”. Cordyceps has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. However, there is very little information about its actual effects on the body.

Cordyceps develop by paralyzing the larvae of a butterfly, then out of their bodies and using their bodies as nutrients. It is possible that this can improve sports performance by blocking the spread of lactic acid. However, there is no data that he could have any sexual benefit.

Cordyceps is banned from China by the Chinese Food and Drug Association because of its cultivation and harvest. Taking Cordyceps at this time can not because significant side effects

This product may present hazards for Some users Who-have health problems. Ask your doctor if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or any heart disease.

Quality of the ingredients

Male Extra has an uneven mix of ingredients. They use a very effective and known additive, L-arginine, and other highly questionable ingredients, which have had a very limited effect on the past, especially to combat erection problems.

L-Arginine is one of the most popular men’s products on the market today. It is beneficial for erectile function and testosterone production and has a long clinical history that verifies its effects.

Pomegranate has the potential to be effective in improving erectile function, but the study is still very recent and needs to be more concretely MSM and Cordyceps, however, are not known to be effective erectile products.

MSM is useful for joint health, but it has no known effect on libido or erectile response. Cordyceps is poorly studied at this stage and is not recommended for therapeutic purposes.

Male Extra does not make a claim to it, but they often imply it. Potential clients need to be aware that it is possible to optimize the size of their penis, but it is not possible to increase the size of a pill.

Price and Purchase

Male Extra is one of the most expensive men’s supplements on the market.  Although they often offer special offers, this is the basic price of their product, listed on the Male Extra homepage:

1 bottle of 90 tablets: $ 90

Dosage: According to the directions for use of Male Extra, take three pills a day, which means that will last only 30 days.  Users can expect more than $ 100 per month for Male Extra.

It is not possible to buy Male Extra in this product once again.

There are some sites that sell Male Extra.  Beware, because there are many counterfeits.

Testimonials and consumer opinions

The reviews on Male

Be careful: there is a large amount of fake testimonials and positive reviews with the product with impressive before / after enlargement photos.

Some complaints were found on the websites of their distributors, as well as on other consumer opinion sites. Here is a sample of Reviews some of the opinions of Their users:

“My girlfriend Was starting to go crazy, I couldn’t bend hard anymore, so I thought I shoulds try thesis pills No result It only made things worse…”

“After Three horrible weeks with Male Extra (no erections, very irritated, little sperm very liquid), I finally threw it, Terrible product, SAD!

“I Had headaches and diarrhea every time I tried. I wanted a refund, purpose They were very rude. Scam! I will never buy this kind of product again.”

Reviews The most common rating for Male Extra is Amazon is a star, Their lowest possible score. In the same way, they have bad ratings on the websites of other independent retailers and analysts are extremely negative.

Conclusion and Opinion: Is Male Extra Effective?

Simply because it contains L-Arginine, it is possible that Male Extra is effective for users who need a little help to improve the quality of their erections.  It is exceptionally expensive and contains inefficient ingredients, making it a very unprofitable product.

Do not expect penile enlargement or concrete erections just by taking these pills.

L-Arginine is incredibly common in products of this nature because of its many benefits to the bloodstream.

However, you do not need to take it in pill.  Your body produces it naturally and some foods also contain it.

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