Can The Length Of The Finger Indicate The Length Of The Penis?

According to researchers from South Korea, observing the relative length of the index and ring fingers of man can be a good indicator of the length of his penis.

The researchers found that the ratio between the second and fourth numbers in the man’s right hand seemed to be associated with the length and extension of his soft penis, with the length of the finger smaller than the index for the loop indicating a longer rod.

The team added that the key to this relationship may be in the womb.

“During the fetal period, high concentrations of testosterone lead to high testicular activity, resulting in less than one figure,” said a team led by In Ho Choi of Gashon Hospital in Gilton, Incheon. “In this study, patients with a lower proportion tended to stretch the length of the penis.”

The length of the distal and extended penis shows a “strong correlation” with the length of the erect penis.

The study was published on July 4 in the Asian Journal of Masculinity.

The length of the penis and the ratio of two to four in men “are believed to remain stable at an early stage of development,” the researchers note. In each case, this implies a common set of genes that regulate prenatal hormones (including testosterone) to influence both the development of the extremities and the development of the urinary system.

In the new study, Choi and his colleagues compared the figures of 144 Korean men aged 20 and older who were being treated for urinary tract surgery. The researchers measured the index and lesion on the fingers of each man’s right hand and compared the proportion of penis length to full dilated (the latest data obtained under anesthesia).

In a commentary in a newspaper, said Dennis Brooks McQuaid of Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY. The results of the study “provide convincing support for the relationship between the numerical proportion and the length of the penis”. The findings could have real value in investigating the clinical conditions associated with men’s developmental problems, he said.

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