Better Diet, Bigger Brain?

Ketozin You go to the gym to enlarge your muscles, but what happens if you want to stab your mind to help you stay alert? New research suggests that you may want to go to the runner’s production.

The vast study in the Netherlands found that people who ate diets full of vegetables, fruits, nuts and fish had more brains than their less-nourished counterparts.

“The commitment to a comprehensive healthy diet supports brain health and can be an adequate preventive strategy to maintain cognition and memory in healthy older people,” says study author Dr. Mike Vernaug. A professor of population photography at the Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam.

Forskolin Keto Cycle The study included more than 4,200 people at the age of 45 and older initially. The researchers said that the average age was 66 years.

The volunteers completed a survey on the types of food and how much they ate in the last month. The study included about 400 foods.

The researchers analyzed the quality of the diet based on Dutch dietary guidelines. The quality of the diet was measured on a scale of zero to 14, and the 14 healthiest. The best diets include many fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, dairy products, fish and sugary drinks, the researchers said.

The study found that the average diet was seven.

The participants also underwent an MRI scan to measure the size of the brain. Information was also collected on other factors that could affect brain size, such as high blood pressure, physical activity and smoking.

After adjusting the data for these factors, the researchers found that a higher degree of diet was associated with a larger brain size. People with healthy diets had brains that were about 2 millimeters larger than those who ate less healthy foods.

In fact, could a millimeter difference in brain size translate into better thinking and skills? The researchers said yes, it seems.

Ardor Keto Diet “It is known that the risk of cognitive deterioration increases as age increases.” In addition, as the age increases, the size of our brain decreases, “said Vernooij.

“In our population, an increase in age of one year was associated with a decrease in total brain volume of 3.66 ml, so the difference in brain size was found in the same size in terms of an increase six months of age “a” with a less healthy diet, “he explained.

But Vernooij also pointed out that the study can not prove the cause-effect relationship. It is designed only to find a link between diet and brain volume.

When the researchers observed the so-called Mediterranean diet, a plan full of products, fish and nuts, they found similar results, with a healthier diet associated with larger brains.

How does a good brain diet help?

Good nutrition among young people, when the brain develops and grows, can lead to a larger brain. The researchers suggested that people who ate a healthy diet in the study probably had eaten well since they were young.

James Hendricks, director of global scientific initiatives at the Alzheimer’s Society, said a healthy diet could lead to better blood flow.

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