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Convert your compacted archive documents between different packed arrangements. Archives are made by projects, for example, WinZIP, WinRAR, 7zip, GZIP, BZIP2, and numerous others. In the event that you have an archive that you can’t open since you don’t have the right programming introduced, take a stab at converting it to a configuration you can open.


PeaZip document converter work permits to convert existing archives having a place with any of the 180+ configurations bolstered for extraction (CAB, ISO, RAR, ZIPX…), into any archive position upheld for composing (7Z, WIM, TAR, ZIP and increasingly prominent record designs), on Microsoft Windows and Linux frameworks.

In model, RAR archives can be converted to ZIP position (that is universally upheld) or to 7Z design (which offers better pressure), or to TAR group (generally bolstered on Unix-like frameworks). Configuration change work additionally comes convenient when the client, for a reconsideration, needs for example to recompress the archive utilizing higher pressure settings, or to apply encryption, and so on.

step by step instructions to convert rar to compress records

For cluster transformation tasks, the product can chip away at various archives simultaneously (even of various organizations), either converting each information archive in a different record in the picked objective configuration, or solidifying the numerous info archives in another single archive of the ideal arrangement.

Non-archive records can be added too to the group input list, and will be compacted (or solidified) in the picked new archive design.

Regardless when utilizing Conversion capacity, clump or on single records, input archives are right off the bat removed and afterward recompressed in the new configuration, so as to get ideal pressure results.

To convert existing archives, click on “Convert” button in applications device bar, or check the “Convert existing archives” choice in archive creation exchange; add records to transformation system with respect to ordinary archive creation, as clarified in the FAQ and in program’s documentation (F1).

Banner “Add each item to a different archive” in the event that you need to make a different yield archive record for each information object, ie.e. to play out a mass record transformation of info archives, or uncheck the alternative on the off chance that you want to blend all the information in a solitary archive, for example to unite a lot of reinforcement.

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